TurboSuede | Precision-Made • Professional Optical Microfiber

TurboSuede Optical Microfiber

TurboSuede is our next-generation premium professional microfiber. Its dynamic properties make this material the perfect foundation for our premium line of products.

ShaggyMax has been testing & developing microfiber technology for over 20 years, we have fine-tuned TurboSuede for optimum performance. It boasts superior cleaning properties.

Actively captures dust, dirt & contaminants. Measuring only 0.4mm thin, yet dynamically exhibits plushness, durability & excellent shock absorption. TurboSuede™ is sueded on the top side. The bottom side is a smooth rubberized fabric finish, which results in 30% thinner profile.


Care Instructions

Shake or brush to remove loose dust & debris
Wash with a mild detergent & cool water
If desired, steam iron on low setting, with a press cloth
Allow to air dry

OptiMist Prime Instructions*

Spray directly onto TurboSuede microfiber or other cleaning media
& gently buff until dry. Repeat if necessary.

Alternatively, OptiMist Prime may be sprayed directly
onto subject surface. (display, touch surface, keyboard, etc)

1) Please power off & or unplug the devise.
2) Spray 1X or 2X onto subject surface
3) Gently buff with TurboSuede microfiber or other cleaning media
4) Repeat if necessary

*Always follow manufacturers equipment / device specific instructions

TurboSuede™ for PC Laptops