SumiTex™ Professional Grade Microfiber by Shaggymax™

ShaggyMax | SumiTex™ Microfiber Technology

SumiTex™ is a Professional-grade Optical Polishing Microfiber, and is specifically engineered to safely clean coated and virgin optical surfaces (lcd, lens, led, crystal, poly-carbonate & glass). ShaggyMax has been testing and developing microfiber technology for over 16 years. We have fine-tuned SumiTex™ and it boasts cleaning properties that are far superior to all other optical cleaning / protection materials we have tested. SumiTex™ is non-woven, its edges will not fray. It measures only 0.6mm thin, yet dynamically exhibits plushness, durability and excellent shock absorption.

Care Instructions

Shake or brush to remove loose dust and debris
Wash with a mild detergent and cool water
If desired, steam iron on low setting, with a press cloth
Allow to air dry

OptiMist Prime Instructions

Spray directly onto SumiTex™ microfiber or other cleaning media
and gently buff until dry. Repeat if necessary.

Alternatively, OptiMist Prime may be sprayed directly
onto subject surface. (display, touch surface, keyboard, etc)

1.) Please power off and/or unplug the devise.
2.) Spray 1X or 2X onto subject surface
3.) Gently buff with SumiTex™ microfiber or other cleaning media
4.) Repeat if necessary