2020 Shaggymax Challenge

2020 Affiliate Challenge Race Shaggymax Win a 16" MacBook Pro

Announcing the 2020 Shaggymax Challenge: A Race Where our Affiliates go Head-to-Head to Win a 16" MacBook Pro & other Great Prizes.

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Custom Configure a Laptop Screen Protector

configure custom laptop Made in USA made-to-order microfiber Premium protector screen Sumitex

Custom configure your own Shaggymax Laptop Screen Protector. Sizes available from 10" portables up to a gianormous 18.4" rig.

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Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash coinbase cryptocurrency ecommerce Ethereum Litecoin

Shaggymax now accepts cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. As we move into 2020, we cannot deny the global ecommerce landscape has changed. We deeply value adapting to new standards for security, customer experience and convenience. Our new partnership with Coinbase Commerce offers exciting new payment options for our customers. SHOP WITH CRYPTO    

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Apple Pro XDR Cleaning Cloth

Looks like a quality non-woven complex microfiber...the same type Shaggymax has used on screens & optics the past 16 years...

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ATTENTION: New 2019 Mac Pro Owners Check Out Magic Pac Max

2019 Atomizer Cleaner Cleaning Keyboard Cover Mac Mac Pro Mac Pro Cleaning Kit Magic Magic Pac Optical Optimist OptiMist Prime Pac Pro Spray

For those fortunate enough to have the NEW 2019 Mac Pro, congratulations, what an amazing piece of hardware! A few weeks ago we launched Magic Pac & Magic Pac Max. Designed as a sleek minimalist keyboard cover, this dual-purpose accessory is also a premium screen & surface cleaning microfiber. Combined with our class leading optical cleaner, OptiMist Prime.   Magic Pac Max Keyboard Cover Screen Cleaning Kit | Mac Pro & More  

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