Laptop Screen Protector

What is the Shaggymax TurboSuede Laptop Screen Protector?

The laptop screen protector is an optical-grade microfiber ( see TurboSuede ) that lays flat on the keyboard and trackpad area. While laying centered in-place, the laptop is closed with a cushion of protection. Doing this on a regularly cleaned machine, will prevent dirt and oil transfer from the keys / trackpad to the screen and provide another layer of protection.

Laptop Screen Protector | TurboSuede

The Shaggymax is also used as a keyboard chassis dust cover shield. Great to use when a laptop is sitting open on a work surface or up on work stand. This will help keep dust & debris from lodging into the keyboard & chassis area.

This device is precision laser-cut from TurboSuede, professional optical microfiber. Use this device and always have a proper cleaning cloth with you. The Shaggymax Laptop Screen Protector, Keyboard Cover & Microfiber Wipe. 3-great-uses-in-1, this accessory is invaluable in your tech kit. 

Precision Made in Lancaster, PA USA 
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TurboSuede™ for PC Laptops