Universal MacBook Protector Pad | Pro Air 2019 2018 2017 2016

Universal MacBook Pro Protector Pad | Air Pro rMBP

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Gear up with this handy device. Properly protect and clean the delicate LCD display utilizing this precision cut SumiTex™ pad. Protect and shield the LCD surface from potential abrasive keyboard contact, dirt & oil transfer and impact during transport. Aside from its protective properties, this device will clean like a professional. Manufactured from the highest optical-grade microfiber, it will safely clean the display surface (or any optical surface).

This size is a Universal fit and protects the keyboard area only. Take the guess work out of the equation, it makes the perfect gift. One size fits all.

MacBook Pro 16"
MacBook Pro 13"
MacBook Pro 15"
MacBook Pro 17"
MacBook Air 13" (incl 2020)
MacBook Air 11" 
MacBook 13" (2008-2019)


Material: SumiTex™
Size: 10.9in x 4.5in (27.62cm x 11.43cm)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Made in the USA

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