iPad, iPad Air & Air 2 Cleaning & Protection Cloth

iPad, iPad Air & Air 2 Cleaning Cloth / Protector Pad

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iPad, iPad Air & Air 2 Cleaning & Protection Cloth

Even with the oleophobic coating, the iPad Air screen is easily smudged with oils, dirt & grime. This product will safely restore your screen to a brilliant luster. The iPad Cleaning Cloth / Screen Pad. Made from the finest microfiber, boasts millions of complex fibers per cloth.

Specifically made and tailored for the iPad Air. The dense microfibers capture dirt & grime, while leaving sensitive surfaces clean & safe. This SumiTex™ microfiber cloth can be used as a standalone dry dusting wipe, or with any premium quality spray cleaner such as the ShaggyMax OptiMist Prime. Great for use in clamshell / keyboard cases.

This is far superior to others found in big box stores, and is made from non-woven microfiber. There will be no fraying or tearing.

Material: SumiTex™
Thickness: 0.6mm
Size: 6 3/8 x 9 1/8in (16.19 x 23.18cm)
Made in the USA

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