15" MacBook Pro Screen Protector | Keyboard Cover | Microfiber Wipe

15" MacBook Pro Screen Protector, Keyboard Cover, Microfiber Wipe 3-in-1

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15" MacBook Pro Screen Protector | Keyboard Cover | Microfiber Wipe

Protect your MacBook Pro from nasty scuffs, marks, & imprints. The ShaggyMax lays on the keyboard surface and cushions / protects the screen while the lid is closed. This screen protector was designed specifically for the MacBook Pro with OLED Touch Bar. The slimmer material is compatible with the low-profile design. Utilizing our SumiTex™ microfiber, the ShaggyMax Laptop Screen Protector boasts superior cleaning and protection properties, which will keep the MacBook Pro's screen & glass trackpad looking great. Sensible screen insurance.

Exclusively made for the 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
(2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)

Material: SumiTex™
Size: 13.5in x 8.625in (34.29cm x 21.90cm)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Made in the USA

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