OptiMist Prime Cleaner Spray Professional Grade Travel Size 3-Pack

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3-Pack of OptiMist Prime™ Travel Size 2oz Fine Mist Spray Bottles

OptiMist Prime™ is an advanced, molecular level formula, engineered to safely clean the most sensitive optical surfaces. Now available in TSA Compliant 2oz Fine Mist Spray Bottle.

OptiMist Prime™, a clear aqueous liquid, will not streak or haze like many other cleaners, it performs so well that it is used in the Aerospace Industry to purify extremely sensitive optical surfaces & lenses.

What is our secret? Take a look at our clear aqueous formula, which does NOT contain alcohol, detergents, vinegar, dyes, ammonias, acids, phosphates, chlorides or caustics. This is a non-compromising, pure formula. Our clear bottle hides nothing. OptiMist Prime cleans what other "cleaners" leave behind.

Use it on laptop screens, computer monitors, flat screens (LCD, LED & Plasma), touch screens, tablets, coated eyewear, photo & video optics, iPhone, iPad & iPod, instrument clusters, & more!


Applicator: Ultra-fine Misting Spray
Environmental Properties: Biodegradable, Eliminates Bacteria
Electrical Properties: Anti-static, Non-conductive 1.5M ohm/cm
Freezing/Boiling Pt: -5.5° C/102.5° C
pH: Neutral 7.0
Volume: 2oz/60ml
Made in the USA

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