13" MacBook Pro Screen Protector | Keyboard Cover | Microfiber Wipe

13" MacBook Pro Screen Protector Touch Bar

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13" MacBook Pro Screen Protector | Keyboard Cover | Microfiber Wipe

Avoid screen damage from key contact, dirt, oils, and residue. Even with a low profile keyboard, the MacBook's lcd is still prone to the same problems faced by most laptops. Utilizing our SumiTex™ microfiber, the ShaggyMax Laptop Screen Protector boasts superior protection & cleaning properties, it is the best screen protector available. The ShaggyMax Screen Protector doubles as a screen cleaner to safely wipe away dust & debris. Keep that screen looking sharp.
Exclusively made for the 13" MacBook Pro  4th Gen ( 2018, 2017, 2016 ) With & Without Touch Bar.

Material: SumiTex™
Size: 11.75in x 7.75in (29.86cm x 19.69cm)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Made in the USA

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