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Prime Pac Laptop & Workstation Cleaning Kit

Prime Pac Laptop & Workstation Cleaning Kit

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Prime Pac Laptop & Workstation Cleaning Kit


ShaggyMax Prime Pac™
Prime Pac Laptop Laptop & Workstation Cleaning Kit

The ShaggyMax Prime Pac™ Cleaning Kit is equipped with the essentials to keep your laptop, computer, tablet and  screens spotless & clean.

Removes screen smudges, fingerprints, oils without streaking to enjoy a perfect screen. Cleans and sterilizes keyboards, touchpads, and other computer surfaces.
Also cleans printers, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod & more.

(1) 5oz OptiMist Prime™ Advanced Spray Cleaner
(1) Grubby Sticks™ Cleaning Swabs (8/pack)
(1) Medium Swiper™ Polishing Cloth

Made in the USAMade in USA

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